>Do what you like - Lene Johansen<


She prioritizes a walk in the woods, even though she is busy, and then ordstyrer Lene Johansen thinks that we should practice women, not stumbling in the head over indifference.

Take a break!
We all have - and I'm so bad at it - so busy. It's as if life is something to be overcome. So take a break: Go for a walk in the woods, sit and believe over the ocean or enjoy a quiet moment.

Be aware of your thoughts
Lene Johansen generally thinks that too many women are too tough on themselves and will benefit greatly from being aware of what they really are going to say to themselves (whether they are Too thick, too lazy or something third), and then stop killing himself in the head.

Yes, you may be late for an appointment, but you might have done it because you enjoyed being there wherever you were, and that's fine once in a while.

Do what you like
We are bombarded with life as it should be things that we should have and things we should do, but in recent years, someone has taught us that it's not what makes us happy. Therefore, Lene Johansen thinks it would be a good idea for most to learn to distinguish between being the one you are and who you think you should be - and then go for the first one. Think about what you like and where you feel comfortable. What about a swimming pool if you do not like swimming? Perhaps you are more happy to lie with a book on the couch?

Lene Johansen, 51, is host to DR2 the day, girlfriend with Jørgen Ramskov and mother of a son of 22 years. 

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